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Hello everyone! Instead of a new card I am gonna show you my stamp storage today! I keep all of my stamps in Avery Elle stamp and die storage pockets together with a white sheet of paper. I also label them with a very old brother label maker - works great!

 I keep them in cheap IKEA boxes. I think I bought them for 1.5 € or so. Unfortunately they don't offer this size at the moment (at least in Austria). Now their boxes are bigger than that but I hope they will sell it in the future again. (otherwise I have to look for other containers e.g. Interdesign Linus. I don't like different containers for my stamps so I need a storage solution which is available for purchase for a long time in case I ran out of boxes...)

Between the different brands I put a sheet of laminated ivory cardstock which I labelled with the name of the brand.

And now to the inside of the pockets:

In the front I keep my clear stamps. If I have sets which are smaller than a normal stamp set I put two or four sets together (depends on the size of the sets).

However, the interesting things are on the other side of the pocket.
If I have coordinating dies I store them on a magnetic sheet from Ellen Hutson. I also keep the paper from the packaging in order to keep all the masks which I created for this particular stamp set (I could use them again and can save a lot of work by keeping the masks). And for the images which I have already cut and colored I take a clear CD pocket. This is necessary in order to prevent the images from being scratched by the dies or from falling out of the pocket.

(sorry for the flash light)

If I don't have coordinating dies I keep the precut images without the CD pocket with my masks.

For smaller stamp sets I use only one CD pocket per set to store all of the different things (dies, diecuts etc.).

I hope this was interesting for you and I'll wish you a wonderful day!

Thank's for stopping by,

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